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Happy birthday AC!

Happy birthday AirCoaster! 2/12/09

WWAC Booth requests

Ask here to make a booth for your club during WWAC2013!

The update is live!

Discuss it here! More details soon!

Update coming soon!

A small update has been submitted for Apple! Here is what’s in it! You’ll need iOS 6.0 upgrade. It’s the first update since July 2011.


Would you like to help with this blog?

Just ask! Tell me your AC username in the comments and I’ll let you post on this historic blog!

Do you have a Twitter?

Follow @Aircoaster on Twitter!


I need this from EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE!

1. The day (time?) you joined AC-if it’s in 2011. If it’s not, skip this!
2. The name and date that your best track was uploaded (2011 only)
3. The name and date that a famous 2011 first-pager was uploaded, and who uploaded it (don’t do ones that someone else did)
4. The date someone famous joined, rejoined, quit, left, etc. (2011 only)

Please, no noob sh*t. I need some famous stuff! Now!

Tangled News

Supports doing fine.
Don’t tell anyone, because this is a blog-only secret: it’s gonna have the globe glitch. SO yeah. Yeah.
My iPhone is taken away again 😦


Would it be 9/11?

What are your thoughts on that event?