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Cool or Stupid?

I’m thinking of using the top thumbnail for iNorth.

Is it a good idea to stray from the traditional INnoVENTIONs thumbnails?

Did the others look better?

Should I use this one?

Please respond!



My Opinion on Shnap

Ok…So here’s my opinion on the app Shnap. (LOL THAT RHYMED…)

Well, as many know, I am a beta tester. I liked it at first, but after a while, it got…umm..BORING. Yeah that’s right. I mean, photo sharing is fun, but not REALLY fun. There’s no WOW factor to it. It’s sort of like AirCoaster, but no activity section and instead of sharing tracks, you share photos. It got boring. I actually don’t want to test it anymore. I can see why Apple is taking so long to approve of it.

Types of tracks!!

Ok I’m having one of those days where I can’t remember anything so I have a question…..

What’s the well, I guess definition of the diff types of track?

Like what is a scenic or a technical??



Choose the one you like best.


It will be available for testing soon.


Scenic Revolution?

My next track “⋞³➅₀⋟” is probably one of the most creative scenics, in my opinion. More info will be posted as it comes closer to uploading!


Coming Soon!




View this on an iDevice to see the emoji.

❇♬ℭℰℒཇℬℜ⍲Ƭℐ✪ℕ♬❇ ᏉᎥᏢ Ζιcοηιc

This thing has:

scenic balloons!
some trackwork by SFOG!
cool lil’ critters!
an unfixable headchopper!
enough close-calls to make your head spin!
fun for 82.815% of the family!
awesome scenery!
a ton of fun!

Congrats William & Kate!

 ΘUT ΝΘΨ 


Don’t tell anyone but there’s a reason that MT’s track was accidentally pinned…

Don’t tell…

It is currently the highest ranked first page track.


Don’t tell

Where Is Salv

Where is Salviarano?

On his profile, it says he is on a “vacation of sorts”. This means…? And he said that he might be back in a week.

Well, it’s been more than a week.

And he’s missed the most eventful week of AC ever (yes, he missed 4/20).

Is he coming back?

And please do not use emojis in your posts, as they don’t show on the computer. Thank you, and feel free to ask me blogging questions!

New Club


☣ Judges (Perry is Co-Leader)

☣Demos for
☣Track styles

☣Every month, the judges pick tracks that are good demos. These are the categories:

☣Glitchy☣ Judge: Fishwackz

☣Fakeout☣ Judge: Flame

☣Scenic☣ Judge: Slash

☣Realistic☣ Judge: Slash

☣Smooth☣ Judge: Peterson

☣Technical☣ Judge: Flame

☣Complex☣ Judge: Fishwackz

☣Creative☣ Judge: Peterson

☣Dueler☣ Judge: Manster

☣Anyone can enter a track
☣No admins
☣Then we pick the best demo track. All the people that entered their tracks have to download it.
☣Only four tracks per style!

Tell me on my wall if you want to enter a track; also tell me what track style.

AC Actuality – How lack of truth offends the 3CA

I, Waddles, am no stranger to the 3CA. At the moment, I’m Co-Leader which is why I completely disagree with the report on AC Actuality (which is really looking good) on Charlie’s ACA profile. The report claims that the 3CA is struggling and may be fading to an end. THIS IS ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! We’re no worse off than ACS, we have decent and trusted admins running weekly contests. Yes, the other week we realized some admins weren’t co-operating so we handed the duty of deciding a winner to ACS. This doesn’t mean anything. What’s more, when I had to convince Ziconic to pin the ACS winner, he argued that it didn’t necessarily win a 3CA contest and as he’d supported the 3CA initially he didn’t intend to pin anything else.

Seriously, please don’t believe what’s being said, for whatever reason, I don’t know why its being said, but it’s not the truth.

Thank you,

Waddles <–yeah, imagineer had to put the name in 😛