Well well well. Ziconic finally came onto Aircoaster. But sadly, he did the worst thing possible to some users.

He took away activities for non-MPL-ers. But why? Don’t ask me.I believe that was ridiculous. I believe that 1) This sucks. 2) So many tracks don’t deserve MPL spots. 3) I do. But no. N00bs get on the MPL. Not AC veterans, or others who make beast tracks and don’t get recognized. I, for one, believe my tracks are quite AMAZING compared to some of that other crap on the MPL. And I really don’t mean to sound b*tchy. I’m just telling the truth. I really think Ziconic messed up here. I mean…WTF? I payed for this app. I should get what I expected, and what has been expected for over a year now. I just can’t believe this new rule of no posting unless you have an MPL track. Additionally, Ziconic think’s it not that hard to get an MPL track. For me and other users, YES IT IS. Our tracks are JUST as amazing as any other popular track. They just aren’t recognized. We try as hard as possible to get on the MPL, but those ridiculous n00bs hog it all. We should be able to spam for our track so it CAN get on the MPL. So it would be easier, like Ziconic said, only if we had that ability. And trust me. Wall spam is annoying and doesn’t make a crap load of a difference. So really, Ziconic? Why? You have gone too far this time. 😦