I, Waddles, am no stranger to the 3CA. At the moment, I’m Co-Leader which is why I completely disagree with the report on AC Actuality (which is really looking good) on Charlie’s ACA profile. The report claims that the 3CA is struggling and may be fading to an end. THIS IS ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! We’re no worse off than ACS, we have decent and trusted admins running weekly contests. Yes, the other week we realized some admins weren’t co-operating so we handed the duty of deciding a winner to ACS. This doesn’t mean anything. What’s more, when I had to convince Ziconic to pin the ACS winner, he argued that it didn’t necessarily win a 3CA contest and as he’d supported the 3CA initially he didn’t intend to pin anything else.

Seriously, please don’t believe what’s being said, for whatever reason, I don’t know why its being said, but it’s not the truth.

Thank you,

Waddles <–yeah, imagineer had to put the name in 😛