I got my iPhone taken away at school, and I will try to get it back soon. When I do, my mom’s grounding me from it for a month apparently. So I many not be on for a while. Please send updates to imagineer100@yahoo.com. I would like to know: how Spamdora is doing, how my first pages are doing, when Space Mountain hits 1000, and more. Send me updates as much as possible. I don’t care if it’s stupid. Tell me when tracks are released too (Reflex 3, Jinx V, Pandora 7, Obsession 2, etc.) And if Salv comes back, redirect him here.

This means (sigh) Paul is running ACS full time. Let’s see how he does.

And look at my timeline, if you have ANY, and I mean ANY, events you want me to add, tell me. They have to be relatively significant to AC history in 2011. Thank you!