This week’s AOTW is…

MetalStorm Online!

The game sounds nerdy, but is a future-war pilot, or just a kid who wants to have fun’s dream. You can upgrade missiles and cannons, and fly real-life planes. If you’ve noticed, you can’t voice chat in most other war games, but in this game you can! Ever feel bad lying to Apple that you’re 18? No worries here! Only rated 12+ means that most of your parents shouldn’t mind! It is a great app. I would pay $5 for it, but guess what? It’s FREE! So how about you exit the Safari browser (or WordPress iOS application) and tap yourself a download by entering the App Store! (a standard application programmed into all iDevices. The only way to remove is by hard-editing the /codeJavaScripts, which I could teach you how to do.)