Well, I’ve been lurking around AirCoaster, and there seems to be more fighting.
Over stuff.
Pointless, unrelated-to-roller-coaster stuff.
And I’m part of it ONLY because I want it to freaking stop already!
It’s mainly caused by n00bs (Randomize, Mtn. Dew, etc.) and Wee Gee.
They argue and I’m just trying to make sense of it all.
To stop this crap, we should create some kind of system.
Maybe…somebody becomes the leader of this system.
And people sign up to be in it.
They get assigned jobs.
For example, one job could be monitoring the community
and reporting it.
Another job could be taking the reports from the monitors
and making decisions with other people in this job about what to do.
ANOTHER job could be taking time to talk to the people that cause these fights.
This person has to be patient and kind, because they have to solve the whole fighting situation.
Now, there could be more jobs, but I’m not so sure about that yet.
So what do you guys think? Bad idea or good one?
And what’s your opinion on AC fighting?