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I made this spontaneously!

Pick a thumbnail!

Call top one “PvN 2 lookalike”, because it is!
Call bottom one “Double Dipper”, don’t ask why!

It’s a wooden!



Battlefire and Stuff

So, Battlefire is in the hands of i100. He’s finishing the trees. Anyway, what do you think of my current thumbnail?


What thumbnail do you like best?

For ◉Եօվ Տէօɾվ ʍɑɾҍӀҽ ɾմղ◎



Please vote on which thumbnail you like best for my recreation of Cheetah Hunt. Thanks!

Top: 1
Middle: 0
Bottom: 0


MPL Stability

The MPL hasn’t changed much since the 6/2 update.  My theory is that the inability to spam killed the chances of tracks hitting first for a while.



How to Stop Fights (peacefully)

There have been a lot of fights on AC recently. I am sure that everyone has notoced that. But all of these fights can easily be averted by doing one thing. Being the better person and agreeing to disagree. If we just see that the other person doesn’t hold the same point of view, you just drop it. It saves you from being angry at that person and it saves the rest of AC from another fight. It has already worked on one fight (Randomize and Hi757) and it can work on everyone else’s. We just need to be mature and let it go.

My Upcoming Tracks

Starship Groove is still on hiatus due to lack of ideas.

However, a new B&M 7-looper, Hunter Ing, is in supports and I am accepting testers now. 

In the future, I’ll probably add a few more Arrow/Vekoma coasters and maybe another hyper.


I leave you with this picture:

Wave Buster, my latest uploaded coaster.

My Request to All of AC

People have been upset about the 6/2 update. I know because I am one of them. But people are handling this in the completely wrong way. Their actions have caused Z to leave AC. Their abusive language and fighting have caused him to leave his best app. And we are to blame. Has this fighting and name calling amounted to anything good? No, only anger, resent, and quitting. We need to just learn to get along or get off the app (or at least anywhere you can chat). Maybe we can restore AC to its better days and maybe Z will return and make it better than ever, but it will take us doing out part to create a better environment for everyone.

Proof Z left^^^^^^^

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Opinion Box

So, what’s your opinion of this whole thing?

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