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This amazing chaincoaster by Nate is coming soon!



Jailbreaking theme

Jailbreaking is fun!
Theme: Glasklart
Keyboard: iMatte




Marble Run contest


1, 2, 3, or 4?


iH LeaderBoard (7/3)


⇉ Dueling:
Collide by MG (90)
The Cobra by rcrider4 (80)
The Cyclone by rcrider4 (70)

∡ Technical:
Pandora 5 by MG (90)
Haze by Pashizzle & Salviarano
Pandora 8 by MG (89)
Reflex 2 by Oasis (89)
Ark Angel by MG (88)
Demise by MG (84)
Stormrunner by Napalm (81)
Crisis by Flame and Calagan (80)
Fusion 2 by Orb Wehttam (75)
Underworld 1 by Flame (68)

≋ Scenic:
Cataclysm 2 by Nova (89)
Dimensions 3 by Nova (87)
Dimensions 4 by Nova (86)
Belief by Oasis (86)
Old Egypt by Victor (83)
T-Crosses by Padres (82)
Forest Fire by Maggie (69)

⌱ Fakeout:
Q by MG (91)
Pandora 6 by MG and Charlie (90)
Elastic 3 by Calagan & MG (89)
Type 2 by MG and Olympian (88)
Elastic 2 by Calagan (84)

◉ Realistic:
Vesuvius by Belac4 (89)
Crave by Napalm (89)
Night Owl by Alaeriia (89)
Untamed by Belac4 (89)
Midgard Serpent by Alaeriia (86)
Annihilation by Zapper (85)
Odyssey 2 by Spectrum (83)
Eden by Slash (83)
Quicksilver by Alaeriia (83)
High Voltage by TWCoasterForce (82)
Searing Winds by TWCoasterForce (79)
Hydra by Alaeriia (77)
Radiance by TWCoasterForce (77)
TTD Remix by TWCoasterForce (76)
Crossfire by Alaeriia (75)
Type 3 by MG (75)
Junefest by Cheer (73)
Insight by SgtSalmon (70)
The Midge by Freak13 (?)
Mayfest by Cheer (61)
Sunken by Zapper141 (61)
Tango by Rage (55)
Firewood by Blemone (24)

↭ Threading:
Pashizzle™ by Pashizzle (90)
Corrosion by Belac4 (90)
Tim’s Typhoon by Padres (77)
Phantom Glider 2 by Crackerjack (73)

I feel much the same way as Fahrenheit does regarding technicals. They have no purpose in the real world, and it’s somewhat like building a full-size house out of LEGO: nifty concept, but why? It is true. The roller coaster is dying. Most of you are not helping the situation. HOWEVER, unlike Fahrenheit, I will tolerate technicals. (Here’s a challenge for those inclined: build a track tunnel in RCT3. It is possible if you use the Extended Coaster.) I don’t particularly care for technicals myself, but I’m not going to go around hating on them. I can appreciate the effort it takes to build a technical, having tried one myself and given up. My forte is realistics; I intend to keep building realistics until Ziconic yanks the rug out from under me. Z, I like your app, but is it too much to ask to lower the upload limit to 30 minutes?That would be helpful. To those who argue that only technicals require skill, I say, “So?” Technicals Are Not For Everyone. I like realistics. I will continue to rate your tracks five stars, because that is the polite thing to do. I don’t particularly want to suffer the combined wrath of AC, so I’ll take the high road. Just remember Imagineer’s track, and don’t hate on realistics. Thank you.