So you have this nifty realistic coaster that you’ve made, and you know that an attractive thumbnail helps bring in the downloads. But you don’t want to put out thumbnails like these:

No offense, Alaeriia.

So here’s a tutorial, taught to me by MT (master of realistics)! Everyone wants to make those “MT-style thumbnails”!

1. Go into the editor! (I’m using Predator by DBR as an example.) Make sure you have LOTS of trees, it doesn’t matter what kind. Sometimes I put a row of trees in seemingly random places, for the sake of a good thumbnail.


2. Make sure you’re in wireframe mode, then go UNDER the ground, looking up! You want to select an interesting part of the track, like a hill/drop, or a loop.


3. Go directly up, and switch to HQ mode (the third viewing option, where it looks like the actual ride). You may want to move around to get a good angle, some lighting (move around until the lights hit the track and make it light silver), and good tree placement. Don’t be afraid to try new things, add trees, etc. The important thing is to NEVER look down onto the ground. The only blue you want in the thumbnail is the sky, and the track should fill much of that out.


4. When you’re satisfied, save it and upload it! If you EVER need help with your thumbnails, just feel free to ask! Remember, the thumbnail can be the deciding factor whether someone will download the track or not.
*Note: these rules only apply to realistic, wooden, and some dueling and threading tracks. Never attempt this with a technical or scenic.*


Try not to overcrowd the thumbnail with too many objects, but also try not to capture too little of the coaster in its picture. It takes practice, so experiment and see what you can do.