Here, I present to you the greatest racing app on all of the App Store. Real Racing Two. It is superior to any Racing Simulator in every way. First of all, if you have a lower end Apple system, Real Racing Two may not be the best game. But for others, it will be beautiful. Let me just say they nailed the graphics right on the head. The animation is SO crisp, especially on devices with Retina displays! Second of all, the variety of cars is really good. If you want a BMW, just get one at the car market! They also made the customization options for cars really good. The camera angle selection is pretty good. Career Mode is pretty good, even if it is relatively short. The ability to back up your saved game to the cloud is great as well. Firemint got the steering in race PERFECTLY! They have just enough settings to make any race the type of race you want. An overall masterpiece, this shows what Apple’s devices can do in terms of graphics and racing. A 9/10 for me. If you want to see some of the apps you have been DYING to be seen to be reviewed intuitively,just post it in the comments. Thank you for reading!