Q2, one of MusicGuy’s latest tracks, has recently been pinned. I never checked it out, because I just didn’t feel like going in there and hitting the download button.

I’m quite happy I caved and did.

The track was extremely well planned. There was not one intersection, which is rare for a technical. Not even on the track tunnel, which impressed me greatly.

The lack of scenery was a disappointment, though. A few orbs and a giant tower would have made it feel more complete. However, if you count the trees as scenery, they were quite good, all placed in strategic locations, especially at the end of the coaster.

I don’t have much to say about the supports at all. Whatever, not a big thing for me. As long as they’re spaced out well, which they were.

The boosters and brakes done well too. Not to fast, not too slow. No odd glitches that made the ride roll back on the first hill (I’ve seen that before…). I especially liked the one warp in the track.

Overall, it is one of the few 5 star ratings I’ve ever given to a track. Most of the time I give 4, but this was really nice. Good job MusicGuy! Keep up the good work.

Q2 from the outside:


Q2 in the editor: