So you’ve made a track that’s not quite done, but you want to release it to the public to see what other users think of it. When people do this, they usually only release it to specific users. But some people release it to the whole community, as a beta version.

Beta comes before 1.0. 1.0 is the finished track, so how far you are done with the track could make it anywhere from 0.5 (about halfway done) to 0.9.5 (almost done).

But when do you use those extra .#’s after a one digit beta number? It depend on how much was fixed since the last update.

For example, if your track used to be beta 0.6, and you fixed two intersections in it, the version should not go up much, and should stay around 0.6.1 or 0.6.5.

But if you fixed something a little more major, it could jump 0.1 or possibly even 0.2 if the change was really big.

Get to know track versioning. It helps your followers see what the difference is before they even ride the track.

Also, as a side note, alpha comes before beta, but those tracks really have no reason to be released to the public.