Many new users with weird Unicode character-infused names have been accused of “being UDIDs”, or being other users with a “UDID account.” These users have only one or two coasters, but they are completely amazing.

Let me get this straight. I’m not trying to nitpick over grammar, but I’m serious when it comes to iOS. All AirCoaster accounts are UDID based. That means you, too, have a “UDID account”. It’s just that certain users fake their UDID and make AirCoaster believe they are a new users. So saying “UDID account” is extremely vague. Call these hackers something different, such as “UDID fakers” or “ID spoofers”.

And saying that someone is a UDID makes no sense, because a UDID is not even a concrete entity.

That was just a quick scolding to all you out there who don’t know your correct terminology. No worries. It’s okay. 😛