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I need this from EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE!

1. The day (time?) you joined AC-if it’s in 2011. If it’s not, skip this!
2. The name and date that your best track was uploaded (2011 only)
3. The name and date that a famous 2011 first-pager was uploaded, and who uploaded it (don’t do ones that someone else did)
4. The date someone famous joined, rejoined, quit, left, etc. (2011 only)

Please, no noob sh*t. I need some famous stuff! Now!


Tangled News

Supports doing fine.
Don’t tell anyone, because this is a blog-only secret: it’s gonna have the globe glitch. SO yeah. Yeah.
My iPhone is taken away again 😦


Would it be 9/11?

What are your thoughts on that event?

iNorth 2 troubles

I have my iPhone taken away. iNorth 2 will be available ASAP!

AirCoaster Video

If you can’t view it, please tell me.