AirCoaster is an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app that simulates roller coasters through amazing 3D graphics, realistic sound effects, cool backgrounds, and more.

It started as SkyCoaster in 2009. Soon, a simple online community was added. Then came AirCoaster 3D, then AC Pro, then AC XL. The current version is AC XL 1.5.6, which has since dropped the “XL” from its name. In summer of 2010 was the Good Times with convos and many active, happy users. By the time I joined in January 2011, the community was going through turmoil, with mass quittings, revolts, mass reporters, and much more. However, it seems that the community is slowly recovering for this summer, and the release of Shnap.

I’m imagineer100, you probably know me from my INnoVENTIONs series or Space Mountain.

00Negative’s Amazing AC Fan Video