I was really bored so I made “album covers” for all of my tracks. My favorites are Boneyard and Soarin’.

Fun facts:

-I used Microsoft 7 Paint.

-The artwork for Soarin’ was based on the queue at Walt Disney World. Search “Soarin'” in Bing images and it’s the first image that comes up.

-The artwork for Universe of Energy was based on the building that the ride is in, plus the star as a tribute to its former name, SPARKS. (It also looks like something you’d find on the Hollywood Walk of Fame).

-Speaking of Hollywood, guess what the artwork for The Hills was based on?

-The constellation in the artwork for Golden Ages is the Big Dipper.

-The artwork for Space Mountain was based on Space Mountain in Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, and Space Mountain: Mission II at Disneyland Paris.

-The symbols in the artwork for PvN is based on the emoji.