AirCoaster history (in the time I’ve joined-basically 2011)

I’ll be adding more, please tell me events that I’ve missed!
*Please note that Zmarffy is helping edit this.*

Ω January 5-I join AC.
Ω January 7-mass quitting. Yoshi quits.
Ω All through January, the community continues to crumble. Legends quit.
Ω January 15-Salviarano joins AC.
Ω January 30-Annean returns.
Ω Early February-servers bog down for about an hour each day, making it a hassle to post anything.
Ω February 2-RCT (my group) is formed with Perry the Platypus.
Ω February 4-I upload Zipline, my launch track.
Ω February 7-mass reporter bans several people. Nobody knows who it was but people suspect VFXTeen.
Ω February 12-Reflex is uploaded by Oasis. AC has it’s second birthday.
Ω February 17-Starlight is uploaded by Charlie.
Ω February 26-La Push: Rebirth is uploaded by Napalm.
Ω The big issue of February is Captain Crunch, who gains 100 followers before uploading a track. His compact threader “Inspiration” is called the best first track ever. However, most people doubt he is really a new user; the most accused alternate account is Crushman, who leaves soon after.
Ω The AC Actuality is formed by Charlie.
Ω March 23-Zone 6, the first in the freakishly successful Zone series by Salviarano, is released. CVG quits.
Ω All of April, users fight over the topic of noobs and hacking.
Ω User zmarffy hacks tracks for people and uploads them unlocked.
Ω April 2-Alaeriia joins AirCoaster. She is boosted to popularity by our chaincoaster “Orion” (now The Hills).
Ω April 8-RCT becomes RCT2.
Ω Mid-April-Alex (Taco) returns.
Ω April 17-Napalm quits after “Napalm Mirror” uploads all of Napalm’s tracks, unlocked.
Ω April 18-ACS™ is formed, 3CA™ resets judges. There is much anti-ACS/3CA attitude. ghost ROM returns.
Ω April 19-A by Charlie is uploaded after some controversy of who would upload it (Zone A). Miss I is forced to quit because of her parents.
Ω April 20-A day that will never be forgotten. Check “My View of the Update” for the full story. 59 people quit that day.
Ω April 23-Z and $crolly drop by…at the same time! The AC Quilts are formed.
Ω May 2-Pandora 6 is uploaded by MusikGuy.
Ω May 7-Atlantis 5 is uploaded by Joe.
Ω May 15-Nazis appear on AC.
Ω May 16-Z decides to pin ACS and 3CA on a rotation.
Ω May 19-Salviarano returns to AC.
Ω May 23-Peepsie returns.
Ω May 30-The Everyone tab of Activities is shut down temporarily.
Ω June 2-The Everyone tab of Activities is closed down for good.
Ω June-AC goes through a panic.
Ω June 11-ASC is formed by Napalm.
Ω June 12-Ziconic leaves AC and Shnap. Soon after, MusicGuy takes the name Ziconic and zmarffy takes the name ShnapMan (Ziconic’s previous name).
Ω June 14-A new update (1 track upload per 2 hours) is released, to many’s surprise.
Ω June 20-Vesuvius is uploaded by Belac4.
Ω June 25-With most Americans out of school, AC sees a boost in activity.
Ω July 1-Fahrenheit1221 starts bashing everything from technical tracks to Christianity, and the community fights back.
Ω July 3-The El Bandito trial takes place, with Lucky17, Flame, MG, El Bandito, and GodFather playing major parts. I was the judge, OddOne was Lucky’s attorney, and Freak14 was Flame’s.
Ω July 4-Ziconic changes the track upload window from one hour to 30 minutes. Also, the first ACS/3CA Finals voting takes place. Both Finals winners go in a faceoff to see who gets pinned.
Ω July 5-My 6th month anniversary on AC. Marble Run is released. Swiss Coaster 2 is uploaded by Calagan.
Ω July 7-Project T-6 is uploaded by Belac4.
Ω July 8-AirCoaster v1.5.2 is released in the App Store, making it the first update of 2011. It includes Retina-Display profile pics and fixes the stuck-keyboard problem. It also removes the “Everyone” section of the Activities tab. However, the app crashes much more if it is navigated through too fast, unlike version 1.5.1.
Ω July 14-Top Thrill Dragster 4 becomes the first track in months to reach 2,000 downloads.
Ω July 25-Scrolly returns to AC.
Ω July 27-Cedricc returns to AC.
Ω August 1-Zone Zero is uploaded by Salviarano.
Ω August 2-zmarffy starts his AirCoaster Hacks blog.
Ω August 8-Charlie returns to AC.
Ω August 15-Zone Zero is pinned.
Ω August 24-Volcon returns to AC.
Ω August 28-Pashizzle becomes the fifth user to reach 1000 followers.
Ω August 29-“Rio” makes a big deal out of nothing.
Ω September 2-Rumors circulate that Z is shutting down AirCoaster’s servers and removing it from the App Store.
Ω September 3-OAA2012 Nominations begin.
Ω September 11-9/11 tributes go up. INnoVENTIONs NORTH Pt2 is uploaded by me.
Ω The MPL goes haywire, no pinned track.

—–2012 has not been recorded on this timeline—–