My View of Creativity

The creativity of a track (vs quality) all depends on the creator. For example, Nova is one of AC’s most creative users (more on him later). In my opinion, for a truly creative track, it must have a theme or storyline (the best tracks have both).

Take Sparks, for example. What makes it Sparks, as opposed to just some other fakeout track, is that I embodied a theme. The name, Sparks, goes well with the story (which is in its description) and the sparks scenery brings the story and the theme together.

Now take Reflex by Oasis. Undoubtedly, it is an amazing track, but it is not “creative” in a mental sense. It is in a physical sense (most fakeouts have to be), but it has no theme, no story, which is something that AC lacks. And it’s time for it to get some. Most of the MPL tracks are like this; it’s as if the creator just stuck a “cool” name (Biohazzard and others). Where in Biohazzard does it make a reference to biohazards?

An example of how realistic tracks can be creative is through theme. Aquesta by Belac4 is amazingly creative. There is even splashdown scenery at the end! This is an example that realistics can be creative; they aren’t just trees and track!

Note, however, that the story must be relevant to the track. In INnoVENTIONs, the theme is a futuristic city. It wouldn’t make sense to say “there were three bears walking on drywall that was floating in lava made of jello” because that makes no sense with the track.

Nova and I are called the two most creative users on AC currently. But I believe that we’re creative in different ways. He is more of a “make-it” person, while I am an “idea” person. So I think of ideas but can’t necessarily make it. He is someone who can put these ideas from the drawing board to the studio, if you know what I mean. But he is, in my opinion, the most creative person on AC.

So, don’t get mad at me for speaking my opinion. I have nothing against Pash, or Oasis, or any of the MPL tracks. I don’t mind controversy; it actually makes for good conversation (remember Captain Crunch?)

I think just think that when Disney created the first steel coaster (Matterhorn Bobsleds), he wasn’t trying to make the best track tunnel, or the coolest fakeout (both of which don’t even exist in real life). He was trying to make magic through story. And that’s what I’m trying to do.

People who agree with me:
•Belac4-“Right on!…I think you give justice to everything on AC with your speech! Right on imagineer! And hell! Scenice are hard to make!”
•Alaeriia-“I agree completely. In the NoLimits community, a track tunnel would be grounds for failure; they are very strict on realism. Further, look at Jinx III and note: it’s just track and trees. Yet it’s an amazing track. It’s not ‘uncreative’ at all; I think its more creative and challenging to make realistic tracks than fakeouts.”