11:45 EST 4/21/11
Users without an MPL track cam post one update every ten minutes.
10:35 PM 4/21/11
It’s five minutes now…
Z changed the auto-ban. Now, swears don’t even make it through.

Yes. The update, the biggest change in the Activities tab since convos were removed.

It started at about 3:17 PM, EST. Waddles, Wee Gee, Alaeriia, Rozii, and several others were on. When we tried to post something, a notice popped up that said “Only users with tracks on the Most Popular List are allowed to post updates”. Many were confused in these first few minutes; I was pretty sure that I had some MPL tracks. Ziconic himself came online (surprise there) and told us it was a “glitch” and we all assumed that it would go away.

The exact opposite occurred. Ziconic told us that this was permanent for people who did not have a top 100 track (1-5th pages on the MPL) could not use activities. This was apparently because of “players who used AC as a chat app and did not contribute to the community”. This instantly enraged users; Ziconic brought the limit down to the top 200 (basically all of the MPL). This, he believed, was achievable for any decent track maker.

Of course, this brought instant controversy. I do not have a firsthand account of being barred (as this technically did not apply to me) but in many ways it did. I could not talk to many friends (poor Azzzzze was barred) and I was bombarded with wall spam, as I’m sure Waddles and Wee Gee were also. Ziconic tried to calm people down by talking about Shnap (which comes soon) but unfortunately hundreds of users’ insults rained down on him. He was forced to not let the word “Ziconic” be in a username as many people used this to talk. iPodBomb notoriously used this to his advantage, but in the end was mocked by Z.

I sent out a track explaining to all the latecomers what was going on, and most has the same response-this is a bad idea. However, Oasis and Dominator firmly believe that it is a good idea.

Many petitions were created by some of the barred players against Ziconic, and people threatened to sue Z for “restricting use of a feature that is expected in this paid app”. I’m trying not to take sides with this, but seriously, just walk away from your iDevice if you’re going to do that. Users Charlie and Clogged Toilet mocked this especially. Clogged Toilet said that people should stop complaining and get to making better tracks.

Things really got heated up as more people learned of this. One good of this came; I got Napalm to reconsider coming back, as Zmarffy quit (he’s back now). Users hurdled insults at Ziconic through username, walls, and even some of the players with the privilege of updates went against Z. Pashizzle compared it to the caste system in India (which, by the way, is long gone) in which “born rich, stay rich; born poor, stay poor”. However, I don’t really think Pash himself has to worry much.

A few cases were brought up by Alaeriia and others. One was the issue of who would upload a chaincoaster, as now the uploader has more of a chance at being safe. Just yesterday, before this all happened, Charlie and Salviarano fought over who would upload “Zone A” as I referred it as. Also, it caused controversy in the idea of only being able to wall chat. Many people used Activities for conversations, but now are limited to chatting through walls. And wall spam has become increasingly popular-and I thought I wall spammed a lot. Z’s opinion was that spam is ineffective; wall spam is the way to go. However, many users block or even report if you wall spam them. Another issue was how noobs would ever get noticed without being able to use Activities. Z’s response was comparable to Steve Jobs’s response to iPhone 4 Antennagate-“you get a rubber phone bumper and it’s all dandy”. Z’s response was to check the Recently Uploaded tab more often. Psh. Yes, Z, because everyone does that.

Many older users were surprised to have a track still on the MPL (Taco, Napalm, ghost ROM). But many new players were, too. Squisho surprisingly had a track somewhere on the MPL, as did Devil. Many users said that this came as a shock to them; it wasn’t expected at all. Alaeriia was glad she joined earlier; otherwise she wouldn’t be able to post. However, many players who previously had MPL tracks months ago but had waned in popularity found a problem: the track has to be on the MPL NOW. iPodBomb, who previously had an MPL track or two a while ago, doesn’t currently, and used the username trick to talk.

Now, the dust has settled, but that was the another reason for an AC rebellion; not to mention hacking, the noob issues, and ACS (which is not anti-3CA. Just had to slip that in there somewhere.) Self-proclaimed “rebels” such as Bubba Odd (and maybe Tezza Boo!) wanted a revolt against this “unjust act” or they’ll quit, or something. Or something sounds right.

Now, for my opinion.
I think that theoretically, this is a good idea. It keeps noobs from activities unless they make good tracks. However, there are some people that are worthy of using activities (Azzzzze) but don’t have a track on the MPL. We need a group of trusted mods online (at least one at all times) to control the environment. People could flag inappropriate posts (like you can in YouTube) and these flags would be sent to a mod. They would be granted powers of reviewing flagged posts and keeping order, and possibly banning someone from the Activities tab for a certain period of time. This would all be send to Z, who could make sure that the mods weren’t abusing their power.
So overall, I think that it’s a good idea. However, I was not affected, so I don’t know what it would be like. I sure would not like it, but most of the people barred can’t make tracks for their lives. And Z is going in the right direction with AC: it’s a roller coaster app, not Facebook.
However, I did like using the Activities without it being an episode of “Noobs Gone Wild” (it was “Yo Mama on the Loose day, apparently).

However, this solved a huge problem-if you’re a noob or not. Try using the Activities; you’ll get your answer.

By imagineer100

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