Please do not get offended.

May 16 Updates will be posted underneath the original!

•Alaeriia-yes. Realistics all the way! My new favorite AC user-someone who actually appreciates realistic tracks.
•Annean-who else agrees you’re AC’s nicest user?
•Azzzzze-Tu estás muy simpatico y comicó. Sorry that you’re barred.
•Baller-for a girl you have a weird name. Lady-cougar XD
•Behemoth-you’re nice.
•Bill13-you’re cool.
•Binks-you’re awesome, and so friendly.
•Blemone-you’re never getting an AC Honours out of anybody.
•Bray-you’re a nice person, I don’t really know you…
Nomination’s not gonna be pinned…
•Bubba Odd-what kind of girlfriend tolerates being called a “Tezza Boo”? Just asking.
“Rebel leader”? WTF?
•Calagan-so nice and amazing at fakeouts!
Everyone’s favorite Swiss!
•Captain Crunch-oops, I mean Crushman
•Charlie-I’ll have that report ready.
•COD Rocks-change your name.
•DaftBomb-there are Legends; it’s you.
•Doctor Fallout-spuds!
•Dom-you’re a good 3CA Leader.
•Evilkid13-if you’re so evil, why are so in the OAAs for Nicest Person on AC?
•Fishwakz-I don’t really know you.
•Freak13-you’re okay.
Quit again?!?
•HeadHunter-I don’t like you.
•Joe-one of my first friends on AC.
Congrats on the pinning!
•Justin Bieber Lover-you’re the Rebecca Black of AC.
Yes! I think you left!
•iPodBomb-I have to wait a full month?!?
•iSnipe-you’re pretty cool.
•Lethal-don’t leave :..(
•Lucky17-nice, but think of your own ideas for once.
•Luigi99-ACRR…that’s better.
•Macattack-I think we’ve gotten over each other…you’re a good friend
Good luck with your series!
•Mansters-you’re a great friend that needs a dictionary.
•MG-we had a rough start, but you’re amazing!
•Miss I-I pwn you at Doodle Jump 🙂
•Mountain Dew-STFU
•Mr K-why delete all of your tracks?
•MT-thanks for helping me with TERRavatOR.
•Nate-I don’t get Survivor at all.
•Norstar-good luck?
•Nova-most creative user!
•Oasis-I’ll see you in Shnap. Glad you came back 🙂
•OddOne-nifty rating system you have there-I hope it gets bigger than AACA Rating someday.
Evil lobstahs gonna kill yah!
(AKA The Shock) welcome back!
•Padres-when is the next -Crosses coming?
•Pash-we can work it out.
Yay, 99 AACA on Celebration 🙂
•Paul-come on more.
•Peterson-keep it up. 🙂
•Perry-you’re a good friend.
•Phiten23-weren’t you “me”?
•Randomize-not afraid to speak your opinion, as we all see. -.-
•Rage-where are you?
•Reventon13-nice tracks, keep it up.
•Rocketman42-stop bothering me…
Wow. You quit because I didn’t let you test a track. Wow. That’s just pathetic.
•Rozii-nicest person with Annean.
•Salv-you are an amazing track maker! Keep it up and Zone 3 is perfection!
Come back!!!
•SFOG-can someone say underrated?
Thanks for the help with Celebration 🙂 don’t quit!
•SgtSalmon-keep on swimming.
•Slash-where’s that anamatronic?
•Spectrum-cool person.
•Speedster-how am I doing?
•Steelers-glad you’re back!
•Tren-I’m not even close to an MPL hog.
•Twill-good luck with your career.
•Waddles-3D Bridge is smexy!
•WeeGee-so violent…
•Ziconic-amazing. Don’t give up on AC for Shnap.
How’s Shnap going?
•Zonda-you’re cool and all, but not the best track maker.
•zmarffy (this is him talking now, Imagineer did the top)-Hacker. Cool, but can get mad fast. He knows more about tech than you.