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Happy birthday AC!

Happy birthday AirCoaster! 2/12/09


WWAC Booth requests

Ask here to make a booth for your club during WWAC2013!

The update is live!

Discuss it here! More details soon!

Update coming soon!

A small update has been submitted for Apple! Here is what’s in it! You’ll need iOS 6.0 upgrade. It’s the first update since July 2011.



I need this from EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE!

1. The day (time?) you joined AC-if it’s in 2011. If it’s not, skip this!
2. The name and date that your best track was uploaded (2011 only)
3. The name and date that a famous 2011 first-pager was uploaded, and who uploaded it (don’t do ones that someone else did)
4. The date someone famous joined, rejoined, quit, left, etc. (2011 only)

Please, no noob sh*t. I need some famous stuff! Now!


NEW ARTWORK!!! (And a question!)

Go check out the latest Album Artwork, available exclusively on the AC blog!

While I was gone, I recieved two emails and one Facebook message from fellow AC users about a blackout. What happened?

Limited Edition Photo!

Slim, during testing stages! Notice scenery is yet to be added!


It’s bad when I have to spam a track on a blog.

But really, I’ve worked so hard on this track as BaconCoaster, and then realized after the upload it had a support intersection. It had about 20 downloads then, but it barely has any now after the reupload as Cakin’ Boaster.

Imagineer100 commented on the first version, “Amazing tree job.” And this version is no different. I love doing trees, and I hit max pretty fast.

Really, though, I’ll be happy when it reaches 30 downloads. I really believe it deserves more attention then it is getting, because I spent an hour in the car on my way to Virginia Beach making it when I could have been watching TRON: Legacy. 😛

Anyway, if you’re not convinced it’s a great coaster, here’s four pictures:20110813-080240.jpg20110813-080248.jpg20110813-080255.jpg20110813-080326.jpg

Thanks a lot!