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While I was gone, I recieved two emails and one Facebook message from fellow AC users about a blackout. What happened?

Ꮇichele Ᏸachmann

/\ Seriously.

Hello! I am Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota! How exciting!

My party is Tea Party and I think Sarah Palin is dandy! We’re like the Tea Party Queens or something! I’m ultra-conservative, and ultra-religious! I hate homosexuals and my husband tries to de-gay them! Of course, I respect my husband, because submission in my dictionary means respect. I love the state of Iowa for loving me, and mostly because I can use those frequent flier miles I racked up from trying to do speeches in places that I’ve never been! Hell, who’s ever heard of “Montpelier”?

I’m so conservative, it’s like my THING or something. Even more than my Alaskan buddy Mrs. Palin! And even better, I can see WISCONSIN from my house!!!
I think that Obama is a Muslim terrorist who was born outside of the United States!

Uh-oh, there’s a camera! People say that when I get near a camera, my eyes get all wide and don’t blink, or I look away at something else! This is very untrue! Look at me on the cover of Newsweek!

Where was I? Oh, yes. I’m the Tea Party Queen. That’s one of my many titles. On my 2012 campaign website, I’m also noted as a wife and mother, and a small business owner! Wow! What a great life I lead! Especially with my husband who runs a clinic (I think?) The point of it us to show gays where they went wrong in life, since homosexuality is definitely a choice they made! Ooh, it makes me feel so proud when my husband makes those homos feel like scum! And for a good price! He denies it, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I mean, isn’t everyone Christian? What? They aren’t? Oh, well that’s my thing I learned for 2011!

Hey, did you know global warming is a hoax? Yup, carbon dioxide is a “natural byproduct” of nature, and we all need it! The ozone layer, well that’s a hoax too. It’s obvious scientists made that up to support their little “global warming” scam. For energy, I do support wind and solar power, but I emphasize my points on nuclear power (even though a plant exploded in Connecticut in 2010. Oh, yes, and the Japan one…poor Asians. But that has nothing to do with us.) I am also a HUGE fan of fossil fuels such as coal and gasoline! Those are the best!

Now being from Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, I don’t take sh*t from anyone! So don’t mess with me or I’ll call you Obama, the ultimate anti-American!

Things I’ve won:
•2006 Minnesota Senate election
•2008 Minnesota Senate election
•2010 Minnesota Senate election
•Ames Iowa Republican Straw Poll
I’m so good at winning those Minnesota Senate elections! And I won a straw poll!


AirCoaster Blog Status

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The First App Review: Real Racing 2

Here, I present to you the greatest racing app on all of the App Store. Real Racing Two. It is superior to any Racing Simulator in every way. First of all, if you have a lower end Apple system, Real Racing Two may not be the best game. But for others, it will be beautiful. Let me just say they nailed the graphics right on the head. The animation is SO crisp, especially on devices with Retina displays! Second of all, the variety of cars is really good. If you want a BMW, just get one at the car market! They also made the customization options for cars really good. The camera angle selection is pretty good. Career Mode is pretty good, even if it is relatively short. The ability to back up your saved game to the cloud is great as well. Firemint got the steering in race PERFECTLY! They have just enough settings to make any race the type of race you want. An overall masterpiece, this shows what Apple’s devices can do in terms of graphics and racing. A 9/10 for me. If you want to see some of the apps you have been DYING to be seen to be reviewed intuitively,just post it in the comments. Thank you for reading!

My view of Technicals

I feel much the same way as Fahrenheit does regarding technicals. They have no purpose in the real world, and it’s somewhat like building a full-size house out of LEGO: nifty concept, but why? It is true. The roller coaster is dying. Most of you are not helping the situation. HOWEVER, unlike Fahrenheit, I will tolerate technicals. (Here’s a challenge for those inclined: build a track tunnel in RCT3. It is possible if you use the Extended Coaster.) I don’t particularly care for technicals myself, but I’m not going to go around hating on them. I can appreciate the effort it takes to build a technical, having tried one myself and given up. My forte is realistics; I intend to keep building realistics until Ziconic yanks the rug out from under me. Z, I like your app, but is it too much to ask to lower the upload limit to 30 minutes?That would be helpful. To those who argue that only technicals require skill, I say, “So?” Technicals Are Not For Everyone. I like realistics. I will continue to rate your tracks five stars, because that is the polite thing to do. I don’t particularly want to suffer the combined wrath of AC, so I’ll take the high road. Just remember Imagineer’s track, and don’t hate on realistics. Thank you.

My Request to All of AC

People have been upset about the 6/2 update. I know because I am one of them. But people are handling this in the completely wrong way. Their actions have caused Z to leave AC. Their abusive language and fighting have caused him to leave his best app. And we are to blame. Has this fighting and name calling amounted to anything good? No, only anger, resent, and quitting. We need to just learn to get along or get off the app (or at least anywhere you can chat). Maybe we can restore AC to its better days and maybe Z will return and make it better than ever, but it will take us doing out part to create a better environment for everyone.

Proof Z left^^^^^^^