By Waddles

I know you’ve heard about this new Ziconic free app, but you haven’t been shown it yet, so here’s a complete guide with screenshots.

First off, the home screen.


Here you have all the different tabs for the features:

Rate – This shows you a random sequence of shnaps for you to rate.
My Shnaps – A selection of your pics and where you go to upload pics.
Favorites – A collection of shnaps you’ve favorited.
Wall – Your wall, just like AC.
The red ‘shnapper’ – Click this for a random attack of the shnaps!
Profile – Edit your profile and a display pic as well as a background.
History – Shows what shnaps you’ve recently rated.
Activity – Shows what you’re friends have been uploading and recommending.
Friends – A list of your friends.



Shnap uses your email to set up an account. You can edit your profile, including your username, display picture, or background from here.



Here you can see what’s shnappin’… ik…



Here you can scroll through and rate shnaps. There are five ratings; meh, cool, WTF, lol and wow. You get SB (Shnap Bucks, currency) for each rating and XP from several ratings (excluding meh).



Here you can talk to friends or ask the computer what your most specifically rated shnaps are. Just type #help on your wall for a list of commands.