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I’m a beta tester for Shnap

It’s great!



You have all heard of the large number of people that quit after the 4/20 update. Something like sixty-something now? (correct me if I’m wrong in the comments). But why is everyone quitting. Sure, I know, people are mad because they can’t use the updates page all they want anymore. I was mad too. I started a petition that got 24 signatures and wrote four emails. But is that the only reason we are on AC? I don’t know about you, but I got this app to make coasters, and updates or no updates, I can still make them. Sure, you may not be able to chat as easily, but walls do exist people! And besides, it’s not like you’re missing out on much. Since the update, the updates page has been slow moving and kinda, almost boring at some points. Also, the update was actually good for me in a way and I know quite a few people benefited from it too. It was that I got a coaster onto the MPL. If it weren’t for the update, I would have never gone crazy with the wall spam and Gwazi would still have ten downloads and no ratings and be nowhere near the MPL. Did anyone else get a track on the MPL because of the update? Answer in the comments. So anyway, long story short, this app is about coasters, not updates. That should be our focus.